“This is wine born from true passion.”
Indulge in a glass or two of The Black Bottle and you’ll experience what the Napa Valley is all about. It’s an adventure that elevates the soul and fortifies the spirit.

Our passion is all about creating wine that speaks to your heart and to your mind.
Wine so compelling, so distinctively “Napa Cabernet” — that it naturally compliments life’s best moments.

Wine to enjoy when you celebrate your accomplishments.
When you reach peaks of personal success and inspiration.
When you graciously entertain friends and family.

The Black Bottle is made in very small lots. From the best vineyards.
It’s crafted by an artisan winemaker with care and quality bordering on the insane.
We have access to the finest and most wide-ranging selection of fruit and vineyards in the Napa Valley. This enables us to create wine defined by just two words: “compelling” and “brilliant.” Wine that truly expresses a sense of place, and showcases the full tonality of a single varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon.

The first barrel we made was a tremendous hit and started a huge following, (really much larger than we ever anticipated). Today we are truly thankful for the loyal and dedicated fans who seek us out and patiently wait each vintage for their allocation of our very limited production.

To create The Black Bottle we give meticulous attention to every aspect in the vineyard and the winemaker’s art. The grapes come from organic vineyards with sustainable farming techniques. Rich materials are recycled back into the soil. Cover crops are grown to slow down erosion, attract desirable insects and replenish the earth. In short, great care and respect is given to the land.

That’s why we say every sip of The Black Bottle whispers “This is wine born from true passion.”

We hope you find it seductive and memorable, a true reward for the senses.

May it bring you the joy in life that all good wine should.