2011 Chardonnay
Russian River
Martinelli Vineyard, single block


It’s difficult to describe the luscious, animated and crackling freshness and of this terrific Chardonnay. Here is everything one searches for in a Chardonnay, with an almost St Veran Chenin Blanc-like quality.

Is it possible for one bottle of wine to compress a kaleidoscope of flavors including 2 kilos of citrus rinds, a lemon tree, a half pint of lime sherbet, Burmese ginger, a bucket of shaved ice, the sea, the sea’s spray, galangal, chalk dust mixed with limestone, and a fistful of caramelos in a wonderful sec style? Swirl a nicely chilled glass of this radiant mélange and the kaleidoscope keeps surprising you with a rainbow of nuances. If you’re looking for sugary buttered popcorn with an oak chaser and a mouthfeel like 30-weight then head for the bottom shelf at the grocers. Our 2011white wine has been described by many as radiant and indulging.

What appears to be almost obvious in a fruit forward way is anything but. Wound inside the fresh and ripe Chardonnay core are hints of wildflower honey, with mineral salts and refreshing brightness. You can enjoy this wine on any night of the week with almost any cuisine—the acidity and feminine tone will pair with light or hearty dishes, and the minerality is especially delightful on the nose (you can sniff the calcaire and limestone). We chose the Martinelli family vineyard terroir because it displays a highly individual character and demonstrates why the Russian River remains a unique region that cannot be duplicated for producing world-class Chardonnays.